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Pregnancy Counselling

The positive experiences and excitement of pregnancy are well-documented, but pregnancy-related issues are not often discussed as openly and can therefore be very isolating experiences. You don’t have to go through these issues alone. I provide counselling for women, men and couples to discuss their experience and difficulties with pregnancy-related issues, which can include any of the following:


  • Unexpected pregnancy

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Trouble conceiving

  • Ante or postnatal depression

  • Birth trauma - read more about the effects of trauma

  • Stress or anxiety during pregnancy or after giving birth

  • Existential exploration of your identity as a parent, single parent or couple

  • Adoption

  • Separation from your child following a break-up with your partner

  • Prenatal diagnosis of disability

  • The pressures of balancing working life and childcare


I offer a confidential and supportive space to unpack and openly talk about your experience without the fear of being judged. With valuable experience working as a trained counsellor at an organisation in Central London, I have a detailed understanding of work-related issues and stress, particularly for working parents struggling to reach a satisfying work-life balance. I would love to speak to you and help to give you a new perspective and greater insight into what is causing you distress.

Find out more about how I work.

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