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Coming to terms with grief is no easy task and we often need a helping hand to understand what is happening to us and how to deal with it. Everyone grieves differently and sometimes grief may trigger existing or previous issues or difficulties. Read more about the experience and symptoms of grief here.


As part of my caring and supportive bereavement services, I can help you to:

  • Understand your personal experience of grief

  • Discuss how your grief impacts your everyday life and your mental health

  • Look at ways of coping with your grief

  • Explore what support is available


Whether you have lost a parent, partner, sibling, child, friend or colleague, including experiences with suicide and abortion, or even if you feel affected by the loss of someone you didn’t know, my aim is to provide a safe space in which we can look together at how grief is affecting you, both emotionally and physically.


I also offer services specifically for men dealing with grief. As a man, it can sometimes be hard to express feelings or culturally seen as unacceptable to cry or show emotion and I will support you throughout your unique grieving process.


I have two years of experience as a volunteer counsellor at Kingston Bereavement Service,  where I was able to support the local community with loss-related issues, including offering support during the pandemic for families who were grieving loved ones they had lost to COVID. 

Find out more about how I work.

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